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"Hopeless In The City"

by CJ Ives Lopez

Angelica always dreamed of starring in Broadway.
One small lift has her derailing her dreams. Will her besties save her, or something cooking in her apartment building?
# Romance
# Contemporary
# New Adult
# Small Town
# Sweet

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Step into the dazzling world of Broadway dreams and watch as Angelica faces the ultimate challenge of her life. Since she was a little girl, the spotlight has beckoned her, and now, her chance to shine on the grand stage is tantalizingly close. But there's a catch – and his name is Harry. He may have the looks that could stop traffic, but his arrogant demeanor and laid-back attitude clash with Angelica's hardworking nature. A sweatpants-wearing, earbud-dangling, hot jerk who seems to care only about himself threatens to derail Angelica's dreams. For years, Angelica, Estelle, and Camille have supported each other's aspirations, standing united as they pursued their shared goal. Together, they left their hometown behind to conquer New York City and claim their place among the stars. As rehearsals intensify and opening night looms, Angelica's patience and determination are tested. Will she allow Harry's infuriating presence to jeopardize everything she's worked for? Can she rise above the obstacles and prove that talent and hard work can triumph over arrogance? Amid this professional turmoil, a delightful twist awaits. Among the chaos of ambition and rivalry, a spark ignites with someone unexpected, someone who challenges Angelica's preconceptions and sweeps her off her feet in ways she never imagined. "Hopeless In The City" is a heartwarming tale of dreams, friendship, and unexpected romance, where the pursuit of success takes center stage, and a journey of self-discovery leads Angelica to find not only her voice as a performer but also the beating heart of love that defies all expectations. Will she let the problem become the bane of her existence, or will this unexpected turn of events be the key to unlocking her true potential and realizing her dreams on Broadway?