"Welcome Home Billionaire"

by Bertie Stein

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A small town second chance romance
# Small Town
# Second Chance
# Romance
# Sweet
# Billionaires

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He's a NYC Billionaire. My best friend's brother. And the father of my daughter. Nick Pope, Sienna's older blue eyed, totally ripped, completely off limits brother. It's been years since he left town. I thought I'd never see him again. Losing Sienna drew us together for just one night. And then he was gone, for what I thought would be forever. But now he's back...more handsome and sexier than I remember. And he has a proposition...for me. There is definitely still an attraction between us, but telling him about his daughter now could ruin everything. Ava is my whole world and I don't want to risk losing her, or my second chance with Nick.