"Agent Alone: Region Two Series .5"

by Janet Walden-West

When secrets are the only thing keeping you alive, how can you trust anyone with the truth?
A Region Two Series Urban Fantasy Romance

Available in MOBI and ePub

Protecting the clueless public while keeping the existence of my monster hunting Company on the down-low is my jam. Associating with civilians, not so much. Until taking out a ghoul ends in accidentally tag-teaming with the hottest, grumpiest woman I’ve ever rescued. No joke, McKenna Cabello has me thinking about hands-on civilian research. Good thing, since A) she doesn’t know jack about monsters, and B) she’s still hell bent on finding a couple of street kids under her protection who’ve gone missing. Yeah, her record says she’s the Enforcer for the most brutal gun runner in the Gulf, and according to Company regs, I’ve gotta turn her in. But the more time we spend together searching for the teens, the harder it is to believe she’s a criminal. I can spot a secret a mile away though, and McKenna is hiding something major. Company Rule Number One is never have someone at your back that you can’t trust. Time is running out and unless I can rewrite the rules, Galveston will drown under a wave of monsters, McKenna and the kids their first victims.