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"An Unexpected Roomie"

by Laura Langa

What’s a little marriage of convenience between friends?
A Best Friend’s Brother, Marriage of Convenience, Opposites Attract Sweet Romance
# Sweet
# Romance
# Comedy
# Contemporary

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Claire Winesett never expected to be sleeping on her best friend’s brother’s couch. But the last nine years as a solo-travel influencer has been anything but predictable. Luckily, Claire thrives on spontaneity, and after all, it’s only temporary. Boundaries define every aspect of Rowan Bellamy’s life, and having his teenage crush under his roof is disrupting his routines. Especially now that Claire seems to be seeing him as more than the boy she left behind—the chemistry between them sizzling hotter than the Arizonan summer. When a trip to the ER leads Claire on a path to crushing medical debt, Rowan shocks her with an unexpected proposal. But Claire can’t accept a paper-only marriage to gain Rowan’s health insurance without offering something in return—a Fun Pact. Two nights a week, they add a little variety to Rowan’s measured life. Old West bar fights, silent desert discos, and improv lessons aren’t Rowan’s idea of fun, but he’ll do anything to hear Claire’s snort laugh. The problem is the more time they spend together, the harder it is for Rowan to subdue the possessive impulse to kiss his wife. Enjoy all the forced proximity tension and sizzling kisses of this best friend’s brother, marriage of convenience, opposites attract closed-door romance by grabbing your copy TODAY!