"Rift Fall"

by Daniel Camomile

Legends of Aylore
A legendary, dimension-jumping fantasy short story
# High Fantasy
# Christian
# Multidimensional
# Action
# Magic

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The core-realm may lose its two surviving heroes in one last attempt to close the portal. But Torvial and Morrowick, the last sons of Sivius, know if it ends this hellish war, it will be worth it. No mortal weapon has availed against the infernal hordes of Malaccadia for almost ten years of ceaseless bloodshed. But Apotheosis is no mortal sword. If Morrowick can journey to the surface-world of Malaccadia, there might be an opportunity to persuade the natives to battle the infernal kingdoms there. Should he fail, the portal will keep unleashing its dark armies, and Torvial will be walking into a massacre. However, in all possible endings, as the creed says, “death is never the end.“