"Under Moonlight"

by Books+Coffee=Happiness Blog & PA

Paranormal Romance Anthology
Vampires, Shifters, and More
# Erotic Romance
# Paranormal

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Laird Fraser's Cinderella by Kenna McKay Laird Ross Fraser detests men who prey on women. When he hears Shay cry out in the night, his beast urges him to answer the call. He never thought rescuing one tiny lass would end up changing his life forever. (M/F Shifter Romance) Vampire's Redemption by Jessica Coulter Smith Lars has never wanted more from a woman than a few nights of pleasure, but when Cadence is threatened, he realizes he doesn't just want her in his bed. The vampire everyone fears has decided he wants her love. (M/F Vampire Romance) Belonging to Him by Dulce Dennison I was instantly drawn to Victor... finding out he's a vampire should send me running scared, but how can I turn my back on the only man who makes me feel alive? (Gay Vampire Romance)