"Subversion of Shadows"

by Jenny Raveling

Can hope exist in the belly of the earth itself?
The story of Avyso's captives
# Action
# Fantasy
# Survivalism
# Young Adult
# Dystopian

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If it was naivety, Fern could’ve led him, directed him to the correct path. But it was an innate morality that would only ever meld his own path, not the kid’s who held it. And in admittance of his own lack of morals, Fern didn’t know if his path was ready to be changed. In the last years of his life, eleven of which spent captive beneath the earth, Fern Alinac finally had a reason to live. Keep his grandson, Milo, alive at all costs. However, Milo didn't believe in the same costs Fern had. How was he to keep a boy alive who held an innate selflessness in a world where selfishness meant continuing to live?