"A Study in Time"

by Maureen Flynn

One time travelling academic. Hundreds of people to save. Enemies waiting in Ancient Greece. Minnie’s adventure begins …
A fun Australian time travel story with a kick ass middle-aged academic protagonist
# Sci-Fi
# Fantasy
# Time Travel
# Adventure
# Action

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In a near future Australia, Minnie thought she'd live out the rest of her life researching and teaching all things Ancient Greece to eager students. Then Ronnie comes on the scene. Young and attractive, he inducts Minnie into Freedom, a movement all about rescuing climate refugees from government time agents eager to prevent people from 'illegally jumping borders.' Soon, Minnie's caught up in the adventure of a life time. Tasked with rescuing a fellow Freedom agent from ancient Delphi and saving people about to drown as sea levels rise, Minnie soon discovers no one is who they seem. As government agents chase her through time, and a traitor is revealed, Minnie must use all her smarts to survive ...