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"Code Word for Chaos Redacted Scene"

by E.C. Farrell

When children can be customized like cars, what happens to the rejects...
A bonus scene from Code Word for Chaos
# Young Adult
# Dystopian
# Sci-Fi
# Speculative

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Cal (14) and Sephrim (16), are rejects on the run. Tailor-made in The Lab as genetically perfect, their "undesirable" traits leave them without the families they hoped for. Together, they escape a life sentence to the horrid workhouses. Their lab-created survival skills allow them to avoid capture but also attract unwanted attention from rival gangs eager to provide "protection"-for a price. Then one such group captures Cal and implants her with mind-control technology. A code word is all it takes to make her their mindless murder puppet. If Sephrim can't overcome crippling anxiety to rescue Cal, he risks dooming not only her, but all rejected Designer Kids to the same horrific fate.