"Highland Healing Bonus Story"

by Nixie Finn

How hard can it be to take care of a hot, mature Scottish Laird and not fall in love?
A short, steamy romp filled with heat and heart!
# Historical Fiction
# Romance
# Steamy

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Isobella knows no one wants her. She's destined to follow her grandmother's footsteps as a healer and she needs to find a way to be okay with that destiny. But one look at the feverish Laird MacEwan has her feeling all sorts of forbidden feelings. He's twenty years older than her and she knows how ridiculous she is for even hoping someone like him would notice her. She nurses him back to health and he's convinced she's an angel sent to him, but she can't believe he would want a short, stocky nobody like her. After an encounter that leaves her breathless, she runs.