"The Bleeds - WARNING"
by Danny Lenihan
She could hear him behind her. Tap, tap, tap. Warning...
The first in a series of short stories, prequels to the debut novel, Rogue
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Emily Harkness lived alone in The Bleeds. In sixteen years her world would end, and so would she. Rather than fall into the mire of depression, and let the seeds of her misfortune grow wildly inside her, poisoning her mind and condemning her soul, she embraced her last years and lived for the moments that brought her joy. Whilst walking home from the store, a body falls from the sky right at her feet, sending her tumbling backwards in shock and fear. She composes herself and, still shaking and emotional, continues her walk home. Now, she’s no longer alone. She can hear him behind her. Tap, tap, tap. Warning. WARNING is the first in a collection of short stories about The Bleeds, a pre-apocalyptic, dystopian London, and a prequel, to the eagerly awaited debut novel, ROGUE.