"Recipe for Disaster"

by Tammy Beck

A stolen recipe book brings a taste of disaster to town.
A Cassie Desmarais Mysteries Prequel
# Cozy
# Mystery
# Amateur Sleuth
# Sweet
# Cooking

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Tragedy strikes the quaint coastal town of Harmony Bay when everyone’s favorite grandmother passes away. Mia Thomas is in charge of the priceless cookbook, left in the will to Grandma Des’s granddaughter Cassie. It’s a longstanding tradition that the book be passed on to the next female in line and Mia is proud to hand it over. When the book is stolen, and the police are too busy with the upcoming annual Harmony Bay fair, it’s up to Mia to take matters into her own hands. But the people on her suspect list include the Mayor’s wife, Agnes Sutton, and the local baker, Dan Caldwell. Mia works against the clock as she tries to find the book before Cassie returns to claim her inheritance, and she needs to do it without stepping on anyone’s toes.