"She Works Hard For the Money"

by Sylvia Hubbard

By needing to get over a broken heart, she gave herself to a broken man
To get over a broken heart, get with a broken man.
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Renna had never heard that expression, but the idea of being with a man after being in a lesbian relationship for 8 years interested her. It would certainly make her forget about the pain and betrayal she was going through. Renna needed something different, but did she make a mistake by sleeping with the most rude, misogynist & selfish man this side of the Mississippi? Beck had a dark past, but when he saw Renna, he saw his future. This is a editing in process novel at this time and editing will be fully finished by April 2022. Word count currently is around 100K. Once your review expectations are met, look out for a link to the VIP Reader Goodie Request form. Thank you in advance.