"A Novel Mystery (A Novel Love Book 2)"
by Everly Reads
Breakups happen. But why am I so crushed when I did the breaking?
A Sweet Cozy Romance
Available in MOBI and ePub

Molly’s mission: find the missing author and the manuscript and don’t fall for moody, uptight guys in the process. Tasked by her boss to find a missing author, Molly Balan heads to the Outer Banks, the writer’s last known whereabouts. If the manuscript isn’t found, Molly will be the one to disappoint loyal readers waiting for the final book in a mystery series about a crime-solving bloodhound. Molly doesn’t expect to meet Mateo Cohen, an all-business, no-nonsense senator’s son. He clearly needs to loosen up, especially after his father’s success in the primary election. Molly takes Mateo’s relaxation as a personal challenge while also roping him into helping her find the missing author. Sunsets and romantic walks soon take precedence over finding an author who writes about bloodhounds. What should be a simple mystery turns into a complicated romance. Molly knows that at the end of the week, she and Mateo will go their separate ways. It’s for the best. Molly doesn’t trust herself not to embarrass the senator’s son who lives in the spotlight. ★★★★★ A Novel Mystery is the second book in A Novel Love series, and is also a companion novel to Senator’s Son by Julie L. Spencer. If you enjoy cozy beach reads with an eclectic sleuthing team, picturesque sunrises and sunsets, and sweet romantic encounters, then you’ll love this novel by E.E. Everly.