"Crystal's Crucible: A Phoebe Braddock Romance"

by L. Starla

The laws of attraction are quite beyond science.
A suspense filled tale of forbidden love and chemical attraction.
# Erotic Romance
# Thriller
# Dark
# Suspense
# Espionage
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Note to prospective reviewers: If you have claimed my previous review copies, you’ll need to post your reviews before I accept your applications. About this book: Crystal loved rules. A set of principles governed her life. That is why the physical sciences appealed to her. Logic and reasoning kept her afloat amidst the sea of family drama. Intimacy was not part of her equation; she had excluded that variable years ago after a string of disastrous relationships with men who wanted nothing more than sex. The day she walked through the doors of Aludel Pharma, locking eyes with Adam Fairfax, everything changed. The chemistry between them brought her carefully constructed system crashing down around her. He was her boss, completely off limits. Crystal thought he was safe to admire from a distance. She was wrong. With the magnetism pulling them together, Crystal needed to choose which opposing rules she would break. And she needed to act fast because a conspiracy was brewing in her department, threatening to bring her down or take her out. Note: This is the second book written by the fictional character, Phoebe Braddock, who you meet in I Heart Mr. Collins. The books of this series can be read as stand alone stories that are linked by theme, but there will be cross overs planned for the future. Warning: This book contains coarse language, explicit scenes, situations where consent is dubious, along with graphic depictions of violence, sexual assault, and drug use.