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"Madness and Gods (Blood of Titans: Reforged Book 3)"

by V. S. Holmes

The war against the gods was just the beginning
Third book in the award-winning dark fantasy series
# Adventure
# Dark
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
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No one was prepared for the chaos mending the world unleashed. With Alea and Arman gone and the queen dead, Athrolan faces civil war. The kingdom fractures between two heirs—the disinherited and senile Daymir Blackhouse, and the Dhoah’ Laen’s rumored child. Except Alea’s mad son is unaware of the power in his veins. Imprisoned in Ban, which teeters on the edge of its own war, his fragile mind may not survive the week, let alone a battle for the crown. The soldier who found him, however, sees more than an enemy in Athrolan, and uses her inability to speak to burgeon her growing rebellion. Whoever runs from the crown faster—and survives their bloodline’s curse—will determine the Athrolani heir. “I did not appreciate peace until I was rotting in a Banis prison cell. Now I just want to stifle the person crouched inside my head. I left looking for wisdom. Instead, I went mad."