by Kay Ross

A sentient curse must choose. Discover how to stop death… or bring down a nation?
an adventurous and unconventional fantasy
# Fantasy
# Epic
# High Fantasy
# Magic
# Sword & Sorcery
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A sentient curse must choose. Discover how to stop death… …or bring down a nation? In a country where combining magic is forbidden, sorcerers dedicate themselves to protecting everyone from the mindless monsters that kill thousands this crime creates: curses. But Whisper is different. Whisper, a self-aware curse who inhabits the bodies of different hosts to interact with the world, witnesses death as its first experience of existence. A death it caused. Traumatized by this encounter, Whisper seeks to infiltrate the humans in power to find how to eradicate death entirely. Making new hosts and allies into friends, it begins to learn more about the world and its unique nature. But powerful sorcerers threaten Whisper and its allies, and a conspiracy looms that could topple the entire realm. Whisper needs to protect those it has come to cherish. But no matter what it chooses, someone will have to die. Whisper’s creation may have been an accident, but its destiny will not be. Discover a rich new perspective full of twisting adventure in this unconventional fantasy!