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"Spiders & Spice: A tense space opera"

by E J Randolph

If a diplomat thinks fast and breaks a few rules, she might live.
A spunky diplomat, a fashionable AI, and a buccaneering spaceship crew
# Sci-Fi
# Space Opera
# Clean
# Military
# Multicultural
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A rogue military will crush a peaceful alien planet. Can Federation diplomat Kate Stevens prevent the war? She speeds across the galaxy to forge a defense alliance. But it’s impossible. The aliens forbid discussion of violence. They’re doomed. So is Kate unless she can turn the tables. But how? Without the Navy to support her, she must rely upon subterfuge and guts. It’s risky but her only chance against the marauder’s far superior numbers. She must gamble with the lives of herself and her spaceship crew. If she fails, she’ll end in an unmarked grave. If she succeeds, she must craft the peace under the continued threat of war. Will she survive? If you like characters with heart and grit, you'll love this standalone space opera where a diplomat risks life and career to bring about peace in a deadly clash of worlds.