"The Ascension Legacy - Book 5: Conflict & Conquest"

by Gary Richardson

The fight for Corsallis begins!
Can Riorik and his friends save their homes from destruction?
# Fantasy
# High Fantasy
# Magic
# Saga
# Adventure
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Battered, bruised, and in mourning, Riorik and his friends are forced to seek help from those around them to stop a massive invasion. Distrustful of others since the legendary Ascension Armor was forged, the other races have rarely collaborated but somehow Riorik must find a way to convince the segregated leaders to stand together, as they had long ago, to save their land. With the invasion force already in their borders, the party must act fast and split up. Will they be able to summon enough aid to prevent total occupation and oppression by the violent outsiders? Or will the suspicious leaders mistake their pleas for lies?