"The Hunt for Red Octopus"
by Maaja Wentz
Suffering sea monsters! Can Hubert brave the storm?
Finding a tiny octopus in the ocean is trickier than detecting one grain of sand on the beach. Fortunately, Hubert has a secret weapon.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Meet Rainbow Reef's fabulous fish kids: Aiden, the panicky pufferfish, Sparky the doggone friendly dogfish, Olga the eight-legged bully, her little sister Red, and Hubert, a tiny hermit crab with Skyfall ambitions. He wants to be a superspy, but the sea harbors monsters, ghosts, and worse. When Hubert and friends play hide-and-seek in the spooky Kelp Forest, Red Octopus gets lost. With a storm raging, can Hubert bring her home safely? Kids and adults will enjoy Hubert’s laugh-out-loud adventures. Bonus: a treasure chest of card games and jokes inside.