"Emily Voss Box Set: 1-3"

by Nick Lavitz

Exorcist for Hire
Emily Voss. Paranormal Investigator.
# Urban Fantasy
# Demons
# Private Investigator
# Noir
# Fantasy
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Emily Voss scrapes a living performing exorcisms in New York city. Despite occasional encounters with actual demons, most of her work is little more than fakery. She takes the money anyway and drowns her guilt in a glass of whisky at the end of the day. When she's hired to investigate strange events in a hotel, she quickly realizes she's going to need more than a couple of pounds of salt and a few latin phrases to survive the job. Far from being unique, this new threat appears to be the first of many, making Emily's life more even more complicated and dangerous than before. A pattern gradually emerges. Possessions in New York are becoming more frequent and less random. Demons that were content to opportunistically possess a victim are acting together, and with purpose, but to what end? Haunted by the mistakes of her past, Emily must find ways to overcome an enemy that has every advantage, whose objectives are obscure, and who is much closer to her than she knows.