"Barlow Definition of Flawless"

by Donna Williams

Robert Barlow lost his wife and his faith.
A story of second chance love and faith
# Christian
# Billionaires
# Literary Fiction
# Romance
# Saga
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When Robert Barlow buried his wife nearly thirty years ago, he buried his faith in God with her. Having nothing left except love for his work, he has since built a massive construction empire to drown his sorrows. Now, at the age of fifty, he meets a Christian woman named Chasidy, who introduces him to a simpler life in the serenity of her beautiful pecan grove far out in the country and reintroduces him to the one thing he wants nothing to do with: God. Her undying faith in the Entity he has given up on challenges him to rethink his own relationship with Him. Just when he is convinced to give God a second chance, lighting strikes twice in the same place and he's faced with losing Chasidy also. Will Barlow drift back into hopelessness? Or will he cling to his new-found faith?