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by Katie Salidas

An old ally turns enemy and puts Phoebe’s redemption in jeopardy.
Running From the Devil Book 3
# Demons
# Fantasy
# Magical Realism
# Supernatural
# Suspense
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Phoebe’s next job from Fate isn’t one that will count towards salvation. It’s to clean up the mess the Fae made following her directive. It’s a tall order considering the slaughter has made it onto the public news. With war between the Fae and demons exploding all over Manhattan, Phoebe navigates the fine line between bounty hunter and peacemaker. Unfortunately, she has never been good at discouraging violence. Her old taskmaster from Hell gathers the demon forces together for the next battle, one that would make his ascent to Hell’s throne possible. And he wants Phoebe strapped to a table screaming for all eternity for her betrayal. Phoebe must stop him before he opens a two-way portal from Hell to Earth, even if it means sacrificing her own soul.