"The Giant Forest"
by Bill & Mia Belew
Rediscovering the value of friends when family lets you down
A Middle Grade Christian Adventure for Kids Ages 9-12
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Aimi longs for close and lasting friends, but building friendships isn't always easy. When her parents send her to church camp, she hopes this will be the perfect opportunity to find new friends. But on the very first night, Aimi gets lost in a giant forest filled with danger. As Aimi braves the unknown, she encounters unexpected challenges and discovers the true meaning of friendship. Will she find the close and lasting friendships she has always wanted? The Giant Forest is the first book in the Growing Up Aimi series, a heartwarming middle-grade fiction written by father-daughter duo Bill & Mia Belew. With relatable characters, exciting twists, and a Christian theme, this is a must-read for young readers who love adventure and friendship stories.