"Drannor: Dark Forest Dryad Book 4"

by Sapphire Lebesque

The safety and security of Nightshade Hall is down to me. I'm totally loyal, until it's tested
Events force Drannor from the bubble of Nightshade Hall to make life-changing choices
# Romance
# Fantasy
# Medieval
# High Fantasy
# Action
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Head of security for Nightshade Hall, like my father and grandfather before me, it’s down to me to keep the hall and his lordship safe in a dangerous world… and our precious new wives. My father was killed in the erstwhile goblin wars and now the bellicose goblin king, Slovrax, threatens our peace and security again. We don’t have enough men and resources against the numerous goblins which swarm like a green plague, but we’re dedicated and highly trained. I’m totally loyal to his lordship, Nightshade Hall and the values of the autumn lands, but I fear my loyalty will cost me everything I hold dear.