"The Witch Way"

by Bill & Mia Belew

The Witch Way
A Middle Grade Christian Adventure for Kids Ages 9-14
# Action
# Christian
# Adventure
# Middle Grade
# Clean
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In over her head this junior higher will not quit. Can she find a way to finish the production? Aimi Wilby is loyal to a fault when it comes to her friends, new and old. The administrators overload her. Her mentor abandons the project and leaves this eighth grader to ‘figure things out.' Even the lawyers try to shut her down. But, she will not let her cast members and her newest friend down. Aimi discovers that not all witches wear pointy hats and ride brooms. Her new friend asks Aimi to do the unthinkable, to go where she has never gone before. Aimi’s devotion is tested beyond what she could have imagined. Can Aimi find a way to remain devoted but without compromise? The Witch Way is the true-to-life fourth book in the Growing Up Aimi middle grade Christian fiction series. If you like honest characters, beautiful twists, and Christian themes, then you’ll love father-daughter writing duo Bill & Mia Belew’s wonderful tale.