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"The Portal"

by Erron Adams

"The first few times the sky glowed white hot and the air lost its sounds after were the worst."
In a world breaking apart a new world is coming through...
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Two young people, Jessie and John, struggle to achieve the simple needs of food, shelter and clothing in Dyall’s Ford, an isolated town reeling from a barrage of cataclysmic natural and supernatural phenomena. The succession of freak weather conditions culminates in The Flashing, blinding atmospheric flares that erase the memory of those they strike. But even more terrifying are the portals to another world that appear to snatch townspeople while unleashing dragon-like, fire-breathing creatures to terrorise the remaining population. The Voice, a cabal formed from the remnants of local government, police and shadowy ‘influencers’, brutally enforces its version of law and order. When Jessie and John innocently fall under the radar of the Voice and are threatened by police enforcers the couple must choose whether to accept a doomed future or join the fight for their planet and its people.