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"Run Lab Rat Run"

by Shawn C. Butler

To Earn Her Freedom, She Just Has to Survive the Deadliest Race on Earth
Genetics is Class. Class is Life...or Death
# Sci-Fi
# Dystopian
# Humorous
# Genetic Engineering
# Sports
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Media’s eyebrows were once blue for nine weeks, her bones nearly dissolved and she spent a month smelling like salted pork, but no one ate her and she never died. She came close enough to require CPR and a genomic flush on several occasions, but she’s nearly indestructible. That’s what they told her on the bad days in the lab, but she knew it was a lie. Genetic test subjects like her usually died by thirty, and they always died in pain. But on her 21st birthday, she’s given a chance to escape the lab—she just has to run in the deadliest race on Earth so the company that owns her can do illegal off-book testing on her. If she finishes the race, and the tests work, she and her family will be safe and she might live forever. If she doesn’t, they’ll be deoptimized and dumped back, in natural slums to starve and die. In her world, the worst thing to be is merely human. Or is it?