"That's the Way It Always Happened"
by Margo Dill
Lucy Has the Same Problem That Many Kids Will Relate To
And It Happens During Red Ribbon Week
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Lucy has a listening problem everywhere she goes—at the zoo, at home, and at school. But during Red Ribbon Week at her elementary school, her lack of listening and her love of polar bears cause her to miss out on celebrating being drug free and making good, healthy choices. Before the big celebration at the end of the week, will Lucy figure out how to listen and join in the fun with her classmates? Join Lucy as she tackles her listening problem and helps a friend in the end, too! That's the Way It Always Happened tackles the themes of being a good listener and making healthy choices for our bodies at an age-appropriate level (preschool through second grade). It’s perfect for primary school teachers to use this book during Red Ribbon Week. However, the story about Lucy's listening problem makes this picture book, fully illustrated with watercolor paintings by Pamella Withroder, relevant for any day of the year at home, at school, or even at the library!