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by Selina J. Eckert

Long ago, selkies were told humans would destroy them. Can Adella bring the two races together again?
A nostalgic summer retelling of The Little Mermaid
# Cozy
# Fairy Tale
# Fantasy
# Contemporary
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Young selkie Adella loves observing the humans that come to the aquarium where she spends her days, and she longs for the day she earns her land legs and can walk among them. But far too soon, her father summons her home, leaving her only one day to say goodbye to the human friends who think she is a seal. Desperate for one chance to see her friends face to face—and maybe come up with a scheme to convince her father to allow selkies to return to land—Adella makes a deal with a sea witch. In exchange for temporary land legs, all Adella has to do is find the witch’s missing pearl. But Adella has never walked on land before, and she only has one night to accomplish her task before her father appears to take her home beneath the sea forever.Good thing she has those human friends—if she can convince them that she’s telling the truth about herself. Unsealed is part of Seasons of Magic, a standalone series of novellas. If you like sweet fairy tales, forbidden friendships, ocean magic, and summer nostalgia, then you’ll love this whimsical story inspired by The Little Mermaid. Grab your copy today and dive headfirst into Adella’s world!