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by Chuck Boeheim
A Novel of Fractal Magic
A story of magic for fans of A Night in the Lonesome October or The Graveyard Book
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A man with no name, but many aliases – a mage and a thief. M. Resche is trapped in a land that is not his own, where Players move tiles the size of nations in a vast Game. The magic of the land is topomancy, the power of extra-dimensional knots, fractals, and tessellations. And Resche, well, he’s an art thief, wth some special skills that border on obsessions. (That’s not his real name, of course, nor is any other that he’s likely to give you.) To get home, he has to pit his skill against the mages. Resche must search for clues to the great Game in an Astromancer’s observatory, a Fractalist temple, and a strange, dimension-straddling castle. The watchmaker and the jeweler might not be who they appear. And the woman who owns the local newspaper might prove an ally, or more, if little obstacles like the truth don’t get in the way.