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"Second Chance with My Cowboy"

by Allie Bock

What if the future depended on the past?
A sweet and clean small town romance
# Romance
# Western
# Small Town
# Sweet
# Clean
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What do you do when the past is your future? Eleven years ago Delilah Allen was in love, but he left her heartbroken and alone. To survive the pain, she threw her passion into becoming one of the top nurses in San Antonio. The Happy Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center needs a new owner or it will have to close. Now, burnt out from her job and looking for a change, Delilah steps up to help the children and the horses. It is her dream come true until everything falls apart. Suddenly, she finds herself with a herd of horses, no job, and no money. Kade Kisment has been on the road for the past eleven years trying to run from the mistakes he made in Sunnydale, TX. He has scratched out a living on the bull-riding circuit and is now one of the top riders. Just a few months before the Bull Riding Championships, he is laid up with severe injuries and only his brother, Kaleb, has a place for him to stay. But Kade's injuries and the family ranch are too much for Kaleb to handle by himself. Kaleb runs into Delilah at the grocery store. He offers her a job as an in-home nurse, taking care of her ex-boyfriend, Kade. Can she control her heart long enough to earn enough money to save the riding center and her new future? Or will the past be too much to overcome? Hang onto your hats for this sweet and clean cowboy romance from Sunnydale, TX. This is a standalone novel.