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Expected Publication Date: October 15th, 2022

"Sell More Books at Live Events"

by Christopher Schmitz

Sell more paperbacks at your live events with expert advice geared to help you succeed in face-to-face sales encounters.
Do you lack the confidence or the knowledge necessary to sell books at events?
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Do you wonder where to even start finding conventions, seminars, conferences, and expos to sell your books at? Have you tried this before and did not get the results you hoped for? Christopher Schmitz sells thousands of paperbacks each year directly to avid readers and regularly teaches other authors best practices on how to do exactly the same. This number is not inflated by selling courses to other authors or with any sort of giveaway. Selling thousands of novels or nonfiction books is absolutely possible—and Schmitz regularly invites indie authors to work alongside him and learn his methods. This book will show you how to confidently pitch your book, teach you how to narrow down the best places for you to sell at by finding your target market, and explain how to optimize your sales booth and author business for success. Additionally, you’ll learn: -How link a sales dashboard to an inventory tracker and your website so you know how many books you have on hand at all times -How to easily take credit cards and add manage sales tax -Managing your live events so you earn profit instead of loss -Expert sales tactics to make people excited to purchase your book -Tips to immediately onboard new customers onto your newsletter and engage them -Strategies to help you get hundreds of sales per live event -And so much more! This book will show you the methods I use to sell thousands of paperbacks every year directly to readers at live events (mostly at conventions) and teach you how to replicate that success!