"Popularity: A Growing UP Girls Book"

by Suzanne Rudd Hamilton

Is Popularity everything it's cracked up to be?
A Growing UP girls book
# Young Adult
# Coming of Age
# Friendship Fiction
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Melinda is the shy, awkward high school girl who sits in the shadows drawing what she sees from afar, while longing to experience it. Focused on "The Glam Squad," she sees how their lives seem to sizzle and glitter with excitement, boys and the adoration and envy of the entire school - everything that goes with popularity. When a strange twist of fate grants the new "Mel" access to the fabulous world of the popular crowd, she experiences both the advantages and disadvantages of the group from the inside, while trying to keep one foot in her old life. But when the two worlds collide and people start to get hurt with bullying and cyberbulling, will she be able to straddle the two or must she choose? Will she find popularity is all she hoped for, or is it just another teenage prison, binding to certain roles? Popularity is the 3rd book in the Growing UP Girls series of books which follows girls 10-16 through all the perils and pageantry of puberty seen through the lens of how they deal with individuality, bullying and just growing up with as few tears and jeers as possible.