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"The Nebula’s Heart (Chronicles of the Starbonre Cadets, Book 4)"

by Beaches and Trails Publishing

Journey Beyond the Stars: Loyalty, Courage, and the Quest for Cosmic Truth.
A YA Space Opera
# Space Opera
# Young Adult
# Sci-Fi
# Space
# Adventure
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In a universe teeming with uncharted nebulae and untold power, a group of cadets from the Interstellar Academy is thrust into an adventure that will challenge their understanding of reality, friendship, and the very fabric of existence. When their routine mission uncovers a threat not just to their lives but to the structure of the multiverse itself, they must confront their darkest fears and deepest loyalties. Can they unravel the mysteries of the Nebula's Heart before it's too late? "The Nebula's Heart" catapults readers into a sprawling cosmic saga where Alex Rivera and his friends at the Interstellar Academy embark on a mission that spirals into an epic quest across dimensions. After stumbling upon a device with the power to alter the multiverse, they find themselves pitted against forces that defy comprehension. From battling the Void to negotiating the politics of alternate universes, their journey reveals the thin line between heroes and villains, and the immense power of friendship and sacrifice. As they navigate through realms where gods and cosmic beings tread, the cadets must harness their inner strength and intellect to prevent the annihilation of countless worlds. Will their bonds withstand the ultimate test as they face the nebula's deepest secrets, or will the quest for power consume them all? "The Nebula's Heart" is a thrilling ride through space and time, exploring the endless possibilities of the multiverse and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to change it. Stay in the loop! Join Marie-Helene's newsletter for writing updates, sales, upcoming events, and special promotions at NOTE: This is an ARC copy. If you find typos, please email Petra at