"Where Liberty Lies"

by Nathaniel Wrey

Everything crumbles when built on lies.
An epic adventure in search of freedom in a future world of deceit and deception.
# Adventure
# Dystopian
# Post-Apocalypse
# Sci-Fi
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A new world opens up for Finbarl and Aminatra as they escape the claustrophobic restraints and smoking ruins of their isolated hometown, Athenia. Hopes and dreams drive them across the near impregnable mountains in their quest for freedom and a better life in the aftermath of civilisation’s collapse. Amid a more conducive environment, new dangers and surprises hinder their progress, until, eventually, they find an inspiring civilisation reborn amidst the ruins. Have they reached destination’s end and found a place of sanctuary and freedom or is there more to this new world than meets the eye? An epic adventure set in the future, with a taste of the past, and a nod to the present.