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"Charming Elle"

by Jaclyn Roche

What if Cinderella's father didn't die and was cursed instead? What if Cinderella was the cure?
Where princesses do their own rescuing, princes aren't who they first appear to be.
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Halfling Princess of Cinder, Elle must escape her pretty cage in the sky, a tower room in Castle Daes; stay hidden from her father, the king, or die trying… Escape…or die trying… Halfling Princess, Elle flees the Kingdom of Cinder, and her father, with the aid of her fae godmother. Left in the enchanted woodlands, Draoidheachd, she must trust a charming prince to help her remain hidden from the king. On their journey through the realms of mortal and fae, Elle discovers unlikely allies, who come to her rescue; sacrificing themselves to save her. With the Huntsmen of Cinder on her trail, can she evade capture? A lurking beast happens upon a forbidden princess… After the funeral for the uncrowned Queen of Cinder, Hanraí’s brother, the heir to the Ilradian throne, is denied a betrothal to the Princess of Cinder. Han, youngest Prince of Ilrad, is lured, by a faerie call, from his royal duty to escort the Crown Prince home to the northern Kingdom of Ilrad. After being chased by invisible Unseelie hounds into the enchanted fae woods, he comes across the Princess of Cinder, Elle, disguised as a peasant boy. No matter the cost, he must protect her, even if it’s from himself…