"Destiny Arising"

by Jan Foster

Five Queens will die… bringing chaos to the Naturae realm
Weaving together suspenseful adventure, mystery and authentic history, Destiny Arising is a historical fantasy with a dash of horror
# Magical Realism
# Mystery
# Thriller
# Fantasy
# Historical Fiction
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Aioffe and Joshua return to Tudor England seeking a safe haven for their family, yet celestial portents predict disaster. Under Queen Mary I’s rule, the Catholic church has gripped power and the fae are in danger and unwelcome. Imprisoned for murder, their friend and se’er witch Nemis awaits her trial, but is crippled by visions of royal deaths. When Queen Mary dies, political and religious upheaval shroud the horrifying truth. Aioffe and Joshua are the only people who believe Nemis’s prophecy… a killer of queens has started a campaign of terror. As the trial looms, with Nemis’s life at stake, the murderer strikes again. It becomes clear - being different doesn’t mean you are invincible. Aioffe is destined to die next, unless the hunted becomes the hunter. Past and present collide as the family embarks on a dangerous and forbidden journey across Elizabethan England and Scotland in search of answers. Can they capture the murderer before more queens die and a Treaty protecting all fae, witches and vampires is destroyed? Or is Aioffe’s destiny foretold after all? But… if five crowns tumble… King Henry Fitzroy, a vampire ruling over a fae nation, can’t help but see the opportunity in Nemis’s prophecy. Is this the moment when he arises into his destiny?