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"Saving Winter"

by Rachel Huffmire

Saving Winter
A time travel retelling of The Snow Queen
# Fairy Tale
# Time Travel
# Young Adult
# Sci-Fi
# Romance
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The third book in the award-winning Mirror Chronicles is finally here. Time travel to the future isn't possible... Yet. Violette is tired of waiting for the Mirror to come out of hiding and change the world once and for all. But with ITTA still in control of time travel, every move the Mirror makes is potential for failure. So, when Violette uncovers ITTA's newest plot against the Mirror and Keltson refuses to listen to her warnings, Violette fears she'll have to take matters into her own hands to save those who are dearest to her. Baigh never dreamed he'd be living the high-life while schmoozing investors for the Mirror's efforts. It's all he's ever wanted. Right? But when a threat locks down the Silos and cancels all his meetings, Baigh fears he may have to face up to the reason he's so anxious to leave the Silo's in the first place. Fleur, once again, feels trapped in the confines of the Silos. It seems that everyone expects her to wait while they figure out her destiny. But when an opportunity comes to grasp her future with her own hands, she has no idea how desperately wrong her reality is about to spiral.