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"What Narcissists DON’T Want You to Know: The Secrets of Understanding Narcissism and the Mindset of Toxic People"
by Elena Miro
Do you need to know how to disarm that narcissist in your life?
This book will help you learn all about the narcissist in your life, whether you’re dealing with narcissistic parents, a narcissistic partner, a psychopath, or other toxic people
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

If you have a narcissistic partner, parent, child, friend, or coworker, you’ve likely been told that you should leave them behind. But sometimes, that’s not possible or even desirable. There is a way to make your relationship work without having to suffer from narcissistic victim syndrome or end the relationship. I was married to a narcissist, so I understand how difficult it can be to understand this condition and try to make it work. My experience with a toxic spouse is what prompted me to get a degree in psychology and write books about narcissism and recovering from narcissistic abuse. Now, 99% of the books written about narcissism will advise you to leave, and that’s what I did—but what if you can’t leave? To deal with any adversary, you first must understand how they think and feel. It’s only in this way that you can turn the narcissistic person into your friend and start building a beneficial relationship. That’s why this book gives real stories from narcissists, their loved ones, and their psychologists to help you tame your beast. It is designed to help you learn about just what makes a narcissist tick, and with that knowledge, you can take the appropriate steps to protect yourself without suffering from gaslighting or making trauma bonds. You’ll learn all about this difficult mental condition and why it can work for some people. You’ll also learn how narcissists think and how narcissism develops in the first place. What’s more, this is a unique book in that it includes real narcissists, real victims, and real psychological professionals sharing their opinions. When you have a better understanding of the condition, you can make the best decisions for what works in your life.