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"Strangers (Starsedge: Nel Bently Book 3)"

by V. S. Holmes

If sound kills, how can Nel get the world to listen?
Third book in the queer archaeological sci-fi series
# Action
# Alien Invasion
# Sci-Fi
# Horror
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Archaeologist Nel Bently dreamed of finding a ground-breaking site--she just never thought it would be on another planet. When she arrives on Samsara however, Lin confesses the trip took longer than Nel thought. Two years longer. Throwing her anger and homesickness into her work, Nel wonders if she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Then one of her team's lead officers takes a walk without his atmosuit. Once again, grief and confusion rock Nel's dig. But this time, she's determined to fix it--even if it means mutiny. Lightyears separate her from home and as Samsara's body count rises, the more it looks like Earth is next.