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"This Merry Summertime"
by Sarah Scheele
An Anthology Celebrating Family, Fantasy, and Young Women
From Ancient Egypt to Fantasy Kingdoms, Western Towns, and Movie Sets--Everyone Wants to Find Out What Makes Them Special
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

​​This Merry Summertime is an inspirational collection of funny, family-friendly short stories that explore the theme of being insecure about yourself. Through seven brief humorous skits that exhibit gentle sarcasm in genres ranging from silent film to paranormal romance, Shakespearean drama, and fairy tale courts, teens and adults try to figure out what to do as kids grow up and relationships between grownups change. With a lack of perfection in the journey, of course! Through intrigue (Sarcophagus; The Destiny of Princes); comedy (In the End the Story Ended; A Matter of Life and Hair) and personal growth (Ella Substituted; Movies at the Beach; Everwood), people become wiser about themselves. Beneath three cases of mistaken identity; some long Rapunzel-type hair that has become a fire hazard; a war between mummies, vampires, and teenagers; and a royal argument over fashion--there is an underlying tone of wistfulness and an acknowledgment that growing up and growing older are both pretty tricky challenges.