"Shadow Cyborg Ranger"

by Clarissa Lake

Jenny wasn't ready for her cyborg mate when he dropped into her life
Knowing he's the ONE, she makes a leap of faith
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Available in MOBI and ePub

Shadow When my friend Cyborg Ranger Falcon asked me to endure his mate’s sister was safe, I never processed she might be my genetic mate. Jenny was clearly torn by the news, still haunted by traumas from her past. Our attraction was mutual, but I could see she needed time. Walking away to give her that time took all the willpower I could muster. But it made her realize she didn't want me to leave without her. Jenny I was so unprepared when Shadow dropped into my life, even though I had hope for a future with a cyborg mate---someday. Watching love flourish between my sister and her cyborg mate made me realize how empty my life was. As soon as Shadow left, I wanted to go with him. I thought we would have a quiet life at his ranch in the Montana Mountains. Aliens at a hidden base and their gangers changed that. Falling in love with Shadow was easy. We just had to keep each other alive to enjoy it.