"Stones of Fire, the Complete Series"
by Sarah Ashwood
"This was a war between monsters, and I was caught in the middle."
An urban fantasy shifter series.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Shapeshifters exist. Monsters are real. And no good deed goes unpunished. Saving a child's life shouldn't toss you into a war between monsters, but that's exactly what's happened to nursing student, Ellie St. James. Caught between two powerful factions of feuding shapeshifters who embody creatures of myth and legends from around the world, Ellie's one chance of survival is Carter, a lethal shifter from Greek mythology. Ordered by his boss, a top shifter leader, to protect Ellie, Carter will do anything to keep her safe—including a secret marriage of convenience. But with nightmarish beings seeking their lives and a dedicated cop on their tail, the odds of actually getting out of this mess are slim. In the end, if Ellie and Carter are both to survive, they'll have to learn to do the impossible. Trust each other. For a kind-hearted nursing student and a bloodthirsty shapeshifter? That might be the hardest part of all. This box set includes #1. Ashes on the Earth #2. Down into the Pit #3. Fire from the Midst #4. Repairer of the Breach *Fans of werewolf and shifter urban fantasy, paranormal mysteries and thrillers, detective stories, worldwide mythology, Greek mythology, slow-burn romance, and mafia romance will love this genre mix, which includes the most unique shifters you've ever seen.*