"Black the Tides (Threads of Dreams Book 2)"

by K.A. Wiggins

What happens when you release the hero within—and find out she isn't you?
A riveting YA dark fantasy sequel with a devastating cliffhanger twist.
# Fantasy
# Young Adult
# Ghosts
# Paranormal
# Urban Fantasy
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Haunted by visions of those she failed to save from the dream-eating Mara in the brutal and bloody final scenes of BLIND THE EYES, Cole rushes back into battle. Too soon, as it turns out. Her hard-won confidence is shattered when the magic she's only just learned to wield fails to show up for the fight. With long-lost friend and fellow dreamwalker Ash and disembodied remnant Cadence at her side, Cole embarks on a desperate quest through the monster-infested wilderness. If she can't restore her connection to the dreamscape before it's too late, her newfound friends won't be the only ones to pay the price. But more than just monsters stand in her way—and regaining the power to save those she left behind just might cost her everything. What happens when you reach for the hero within—and find out she isn't you? Read this anticipated sequel to BLIND THE EYES for a riveting YA dark fantasy with a devastating cliffhanger twist. (book 1 BLIND THE EYES and book 3 BURN THE SKIES review copies may also be available.)