"Resurgence: Dark Forest Dryad Book 3"

by Sapphire Lebesque

The dark fae lord seeks a bride, and he chooses her.
A fantasy romance set in the fae autumn kingdom
# Romance
# High Fantasy
# Fae
# Fairy Tale
# Folklore
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I sneak into the autumn court, realm of the irresistible dark fae lord who wants a bride and he’s running out of time. He's set his heart on me, but does he have a heart? Summer court faerie, Kieran, cautions me about Lord Nightshade. “They call him Deadly. You venture in there, you never come out.” But I don’t heed Kieran’s warning and Nightshade takes me prisoner. He must marry before Midwinter Day and it's looming fast. My mortal soon-to-be husband risks everything to rescue me. Can I withstand the devastating charm of my hot adversary until I finish the mission and return safely with my handsome, loving fiancé to the mortal world?