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"Rise of the Fomori (Faerie Warriors Book 2)"

by JA Curtis

Brothers at odds. One lost faerie to find. An enemy lurks in the shadows. But not for long.
An Urban Fantasy Adventure
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Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

After saving her friends from death, Mina finds herself in charge of the faeries of the Haven. But the two faerie factions are still divided, and a lost faerie remains to be found. Answers about their enemy are elusive. And with half the Haven burned to ash, and the faerie army reduced to a fraction of its former strength, Mina knows they aren’t ready for the attack that may come any day. They must prepare. They must unite. Or risk being destroyed. Still reeling from a devastating betrayal, Arius struggles to find his way. Realizing now what he should have known all along—that Mina is the one who will save them all—he is desperate to not lose her in the process. Time is short. The enemy is making their move. The Fomori are on the rise.