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"Battle of the Lost Fae, Faerie Warriors Book 3"

by JA Curtis

Defeat the Fomori. Keep the worlds from going to war. Somehow stay alive.
YA Urban Fantasy
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Hiding out at a cabin along Lake Coeur d’Alene after their loss at the hands of the Fomori, Mina and the faeries are worse off than ever. With their numbers devastated and their home gone, Mina feels incapable and lost. As more of her friends are placed in danger, Mina must decide what she is willing to risk to finally defeat their enemies. Arius finally possesses what he has always wanted. Love and family. But when the Otherworld and his friends are threatened by the Fomori, he must choose: keep what he’s secretly longed for his entire life, or fulfill his duty and sacrifice it all. Choices will be made. Lives will be lost. All will be changed in the battle of the lost fae.