"The Sphynx Who Stole Christmas"

by M. R. Dimond

Murder once again invades the Black Orchid Enterprises Christmas party.
A strange cat and old crimes surface as the Black Orchids welcomes Beauchamp, Texas, to their holiday open house. Nail everything down: Godzilla the Sphynx cat is coming to destroy your town.
# Mystery
# Humorous
# Multicultural
# Pets
# Holiday
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Book 2 of the Black Orchid Enterprises Mystery series finds Johnny Ly, Dianne Cortez, and JD Thompson trying to celebrate their first year in business in a small Central Texas town. The weather outside is frightful, and indoors isn't looking too good either, not when a crazed hairless cat invades their Christmas party and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. The murder in the backyard doesn't help, but Johnny and Dianne are more worried about the cat. After the police reduce the suspect list from the entire town of Beauchamp, Texas, to just the Black Orchids' friends and family, Attorney JD Thompson springs into action to clear them all, preferably before Monday night's concert. Life's hard for a veterinarian, accountant, lawyer, and ABBA tribute band.