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"Ocean Breezes and Salty Kisses"
by Victoria Honeywood
Is love just a fairytale fantasy?
She loses her groom and finds a husband
Available in MOBI and ePub

Is love just a fairytale fantasy? Successful business woman, Georgia Lombardi thinks so. At thirty-two, she's never fallen in love, not that running the family boat-building business has left her much time for romance. However, she's not prepared to surrender her dream of having a family, even if it means a marriage of convenience to a gay colleague. But when her fiancé disappears on their wedding day, along with a wad of her money, she teams up with his gorgeous cousin, Marcus, to track the missing fugitive. A string of relationship disasters has left architect Marcus McKenzie jaded by love. Now all he wants is a quiet life raising his toddler twins and designing spectacular buildings. Fate decrees otherwise. His precious classic sports car disappears along with his no-good cousin; his housekeeper breaks an ankle and can't look after the twins while he's working; then a vibrant, Italian beauty dances into his life to wreak havoc with his heart.